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Artists Linoleum – Lino for Linocuts…Linoprints

I must say there have been a few changes to the artists linoleum used to make linocuts/linoprints over the last 30 years or so. Many people will remember those old hard brown squares of lino we valiantly tried to carve in our high school art classes! Well they have progressed since then…thank goodness!!

Below are some of the samples of the lino that I have used over the past 20 years – much of which is from the past 10 years.

Just a few small thoughts of my experiences with these different types of artists lino.

This is the original hard lino from a very long time ago….


but it is hard to carve, turning many a high school student off linocuts for life


  This is the original grey silkcut lino/

I used this over a few years

Many of my earlier linoprints use this lino.


  This is the light brown lino silkcut replaced the lovely grey with, assuring me it was exactly the same just a different colour – I did not find this to be the case. I found it difficult to carve.

So sourced some other linoleum listed below….


  This is a very flexible easy to carve lino.

It has a smooth surface for printing and does not need to be heated for carving.

However I found for fine detail work it does have a tendency to chip off a little.


This is Armstrong dark brown lino.

I have found it carves nicely/easily but again can ‘chip’ off smaller fine details more easily than other lino but a little less than the light red brown lino above.


  This is the current light grey silkcut lino. It is a little firmer to carve than the above brown lino but it does chip less so can be better for finer detail.

I must say I do like this new style the silkcut have produced.


Copyright – Lynette Weir

Artists Lino and Linocut design…Thinking outside the square.

Just a quick thought – often we approach design for linocuts with the thought in the back of our mind of the standard sizes of the linoleum blocks – squares of 15cm x 15cm or 30cm x 30cm. So we design accordingly to these ‘specifications’. I found it immensely liberating when I bought my first 1m x 1.9m roll of lino! At last I didn’t have to be limited by or influenced by the standard sizing provided by the artist linoleum suppliers! I could actually choose the size and indeed the shape that I wanted for my design.

In pushing the ‘outside the square’ I have pushed designs often beyond the created frame with leaves and flowers tipping or spilling over.

On the down side I am still limited by the small size of my printing press (on old wind down book press that I love) and hand burnishing with a baren or spoon is really out of the question with the RSI that plagues my arm and shoulder. Anyway one I day might get a larger press – I do look enviously at the old Albion press in the local newspaper office just sitting there restored and idle….

Copyright – Lynette Weir